Hidden Forces – Podcast infrastructure and Social

Hidden Forces – Brand Relaunch and Optimization

Hidden Forces had a successful first year, establishing itself as a premier podcast in the technology and science spaces. Wishing to capitalize on that and launch the brand to the next level, I was brought on board.

In addition to managing the rebuild his website architecture, I worked on optimizing the SEO for his show, ensuring that it would be prominent in search results and as a recommended podcasts in iTunes and Google play. We also focused on increasing the number of podcast directories that would pick up the show, and increased distribution to platforms such as iHeartRadio, and a complete overhaul of his YouTube presence and branding. The shows audience has been steadily increasing month over month.

Hidden Forces plans to launch its monetization strategy late 2018, utilizing Patreon as its subscription backbone, monetizing Youtube, and promoting the shows host Demetri in the influencer and consulting spaces, all leveraging the platform as its base of operations.

Roles in this project:

  • Project manager / Producer
  • SEO
  • Creative
  • Strategist / UX

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