Ad Council – Feed The Pig

Media Creative production

Working with Ad Council is always a rewarding experience. We were asked to work with some illustrations intended for traditional media and to make it work for the web, specifically for flash banners.

Part of the projects challenge was trying to maintain the visual fidelity of the work while still managing to fit it all into a 40k flash shell to keep serving costs down. We took the master illustration files and rebuilt most elements from scratch in flash to maintain vector shapes and consistency in all our work and hand tweened some parts frame by frame to make sure we were happy with the results.

After the flash banners were done, we offered up the thought that these would make for great gifs for social platforms, as well as video assets. With minimal effort we were able to update, export, and optimize all the animations to work across every relevant social platform as a value ad for the client.

Roles in this project:

  • Project manager / Producer
  • Account and Client management
  • Interaction Design

Image Gallery: