Windstream – Lock and Load

Preroll Creative Production


Working with Windstream has always been an engaging challenge. The companies position in the market is heavily influenced by consumers perception of the brand, so it was of the utmost importance to them to put out work that makes onlookers see them as a smart, future thinking company.

With this project, the clients media team approached us at the 11th hour with a problem. They purchased digital preroll media and had no TVC to run. In fact they had no video at all for this very important media placement, and no money to hire a TV production crew to produce something for them.

and I decided to take on the challenge for them, as we felt it would be a disservice to either cancel this placement or run something old or substandard in that slot.

We retrofitted some banner creative we had worked on for the campaign and rebuilt it in after effects, did a casting and studio session with some voice talent, and edited together the full 15s preroll for the client in under a work week to make the media deadline at a cost and efficiency that no 3rd party vendor would have been able to match.

Roles in this project:

  • Project manager / Producer
  • Art Director
  • Client services