BMW – 7 Years of Production Excellence

BMW – 7 Years of Production Excellence
2010 – 2017

During my time working with BMW as the studio director I led a group of animators, creatives, and technologists which was responsible for the production of all of BMW’s programmatic and rich media, social content (image and video), and experiential content. Over my 7 years with the brand we produced countless creative executions and innumerable content pieces with the range of our work expanding year after year, from simply executing on content creation all the way to optimizing for page load and SEO, contributing to winning the J.D. Power #1 Auto Maker website in 2015.


  • Built an internal studio capability focused on creative excellence for the brand
  • Successfully produced and managed 100’s of unique media campaigns from concept to traffic
  • Participated in the selection and management of media and technology stacks to accommodate BMW’s business needs
  • Increasingly profitable for 7 straight years

Work Examples

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Rich Media