Beautyrest – Mattress Selector

Mattress Selector Website Animations and Social
2015 – 2016

Simmons wanted to build a quiz style website to help users identify what the best mattress would be for their particular needs. They could have been very clinical about it and just had the user fill out a survey, but they wanted to make it a memorable experience with a lot of movement and fun animations.

My team handled all of the animations on site throughout the quiz and all of its permutations. Using a combination of After Effects, Photoshop, and a suite of image optimization tools we built these animations to work flawlessly on any browser, any device, anywhere, on this fully responsive site.

We wanted to make sure that our animations were of the quality we wanted and that people expected, but also as light as possible so they were not a bandwidth hog and did not give the site a poor load time.

Roles in this project:

  • Project manager / Producer
  • Account and Client management
  • Animation Direction
  • Optimization
  • Technology consultant

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