Chromebook Key Visual 2

Google – Chromebook

Google Chromebook POS and Marketing Materials

In Q4 2023, I started work on Googles latest campaign promoting Chromebook, including it’s boldly colorful and page breaking designs. These designs needed to be extensible, working as point-of-sale placements, with digital marketing efforts, and even as the basis for their new in-house presentation materials. Deliverables, including source files, needed to be immaculate and built for others to use in a fully featured way as part of a global asset kit.

Managing a full service creative effort, I engaged this project head on, providing Retouching, Layouts, Production, and Client services. The timelines were tight in order for us to make it to market for the holiday season, and I saw the work though all the way from concept to delivery.

Roles in this project:

  • Project Management
  • Client Services
  • Retouching
  • Creative Production
  • Consultation


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